I grew up in a deeply patriotic military family and received an Army scholarship in order to pay for college at the University of Miami and be of service. My time in Afghanistan opened my eyes and taught me that we cannot cultivate safety and security with violence. I came home feeling betrayed by a system that covered up greed and corruption with a veneer of fighting for freedom.


Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to working with our most vulnerable communities—organizing, speaking truth, and fighting for the change and solutions we need. We’ve had a revolving door of leaders in NY-11 that have failed us and told us we have to settle.

I believe in us and I’m determined to help build the people-powered movement we need to win so we can get to work building a better world—a world that we deserve.


Will you join me?

Brittany for the People

My name is Brittany Ramos DeBarros, and I'm a proud Afro-Latina Staten Islander, community organizer, and progressive combat veteran running to fight for NY-11 in Congress.​